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Unraveling the Mystery of Salmon Fishing Tackle

For most amateur anglers the hardest part of getting started in the sport of fishing is the overwhelming confusion and issue with regards to the type of lures, bait, and tackle that is available. If you look at a fishing magazine, browse the internet or go to a sports and fishing exhibition you will be astounded at the number of “must have” and “sure fire” salmon fishing tackle items that are for sale.

In reality there is no one particular item that will ensure success in salmon fishing. Tackle is an important aspect, and making good selections will help with your chances for catching the one. The following are items that should be included in every salmon fishing tackle box, no matter where you are fishing.

Spinners and lures – have a good variety of plugs, spinners, spoons and wiggle baits. Rattle baits, designed to make an noise when pulled through the water are excellent for fishing in muddy water at the mouth of rivers. Typically brighter colors such as reds, yellows, blues, golds, silvers, oranges and greens are best for fishing in clearer water in bright conditions, and darker colors such as grays, browns and dark blues and greens are ideal for cloudy conditions and fishing in the early evening and morning.

Live Bait – in some waterways worms, prawns and even shrimp make excellent additions to hooks, but they are prohibited in many areas so care must be taken to ensure that there is no legal violation in using this type of bait.

Flies – while not a natural food source for this species of fish, salmon fishing tackle would not be complete without a few salmon flies and a good fly rod. The basic design of a salmon fly will be the same as a trout fly, but the hook will be larger and the design more sturdy.

Fly Rod – salmon fly fishing is a true art form, with the casting and movement of the rod and fly occurring in almost a endless effort. A fly rod to include in a salmon fishing tackle collection should be at 10-12 feet long and should be able to bring in at least a 12-15 pound salmon. Double grip rods are very versatile as they can be cast with either hand to avoid problems with overhanging trees and vegetation in shore fishing.

Spinning and bait rods – for a salmon fishing tackle box at least one bait rod is important. It is important to ensure that the rod is designed for salmon and has a strong handle and butt section to allow you to hold on comfortably while the fish is fighting. Typically a bait rod will be shorter and heavier than a fly rod, averaging about 9 feet in length.

One important tip with regards to making the most of salmon fishing tackle is to be sure to buy heavy and robust equipment as salmon are heavier than many other fish plus they are very active and fight much harder than many species, simply demolishing lighter types of tackle.

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