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The Love Of Salmon Fishing

Salmon fishing is, without a doubt, one of the most popular types of sports fishing worldwide. The variety of salmon, their excellent fight and extreme size make them an ideal sports fish in almost all northern waterways, both fresh and salt water. In addition they are idea for fishing from boats, off the shore, or even in net fishing. One of the other benefits to salmon fishing is the versatility of the meat from the salmon. It can be baked, canned, barbecued, planked and even fried, and is a staple in many diets and in national dishes of such diverse countries as Canada, Japan and the Scandinavian countries. French cuisine also features salmon in many different forms making this a truly international food.

Salmon fishing, unlike many other types of fishing, does not require a huge amount of expensive equipment. A sturdy rod and reel, a jig or hook system that can easily be purchased pre-made, some salmon lures and a bit of luck and good planning are all that is required to spend a day fishing off the coast for salmon. Salmon can be fished using the same techniques that are used for fresh water fish varieties such as bass and trout. It is not uncommon to use fly fishing techniques in the spring, worms and lures in the summer, and even spinning and netting in the fall or winter months. In all areas that salmon fishing has been a sport and traditional food gathering method, fishing and harvesting is controlled to prevent over-fishing and possible extinction of these remarkable species of fish. In some countries the salmon run or return to the spawning streams has become dramatically decreased and there is a worldwide effort to maintain the numbers and species population.

Fishermen and women may travel to different countries to experience the opportunities of salmon fishing in different waterways and with different types of tackle and bait. Some of the most common salmon fishing hot spots worldwide include:

• Alaska, United States
• British Columbia, Canada
• Washington State, United States
• Oregon, United States
• California, United States
• Scotland
• Estonia and Latvia
• Scandinavia
• Japan

Fishing for salmon is popular with all types of fishermen and women from the very young to the older, more experienced anglers. There are even salmon farms that have sprung up along the northern coastal areas that are farming or raising domestic salmon to meet the world’s growing need for fish and fish products. Salmon are a natural type of aquaculture species due to the fresh and salt-water varieties available. While salmon fishing is not part of salmon farming, the use of fish farms helps to preserve the wild, natural stocks that provide the fishing population for sports fishermen and anglers worldwide.

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