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The Extremely Practical Ice Fishing Tent

Ice fishing doesn’t require a permanent ice fishing house or even a shanty, even a simple, easy to set up and collapsible ice fishing tent may be just the option anglers are looking for. An ice fishing tent is different than a camping tent, although some fishermen do use traditional tents out on the ice, but they are often not constructed in a suitable fashion.

It is important to consider several key factors before deciding on the best model of ice fishing tent. Many tents are designed for one or two people, with larger tents available for four to six people. Typically tents are either traditionally shaped or they are hexagonal in design, allowing for circular type seating around the fishing holes. One drawback to most ice fishing tents is that the doors or flaps are on the end, which makes it difficult for fishermen to move in and out of the tent once others are seated. It also provide difficulties in heating the area, as the heater is usually located on the opposite end of the tent from the flap, which makes it harder to heat uniformly. In smaller tents this is not as much of an issue but in larger four or six man tents this can be a really concern.

The ice fishing tent needs to be easy to collapse and erect out on the lake, especially in snowy or windy conditions. All in one collapsible fiberglass frames are ideal as they eliminate the need to connect the tent poles and simply fold in on each other. This collapsible type frame eliminates the need to search for poles and parts in the snow on the lake, something that can be a huge problem in windy conditions when you are out on the flat surface of the ice.

Finally the ice fishing tent needs to have a strongly reinforced bottom. Typically the holes are preset in the tent, with additional fasteners to keep unused holes closed. Pegs are needed to anchor the tent to the ice, and more anchor tabs are better than fewer when it comes to securing the ice fishing tent. Without the anchors the tent will move about on the ice with the wind, even on relatively calm days.

For those anglers that enjoy spear fishing in winter months it is important to ensure that the ice fishing tent is tall enough and has enough room to allow standing and movement. Hexagonal tents are often considered the best for this sport. Most tents fold down into backpack sized packages, complete with arm straps for easy transport. Larger ice fishing tents may be packed and moved on ice fishing sleds.

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