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Sport Fishing Equipment Options for the Beginner

From bass fishing to fly fishing, anglers of all experience levels and skills will need to create their unique sport fishing equipment toolbox to pull together all the necessary materials. Fishing techniques require different types of supplies and equipment, and the selection choices can be overwhelming for the beginner. Proper maintenance of all sport fishing equipment will enable high performance most of the time, and selecting the right techniques for each activity is a part of the process.

Sport Fishing Techniques for the Beginner

Depending on the goals of the sport fishing session, there are a variety of techniques commonly sued to capture the targeted fish. Common techniques for the beginner include:

• Carolina Rig
• Hard or soft jerk bait
• Wacky style
• Deep diving crank bait
• Split shot/drop shot
• Spinner or buzz bait
• Top waters
• Oversized baits
• Spoons/tail spinners

Selecting the Key Sport Fishing Equipment

Whether you are bass fishing, fly fishing, or a practicing angler, knowing which rods and reels to select will help create the ultimate experience. The rod is a a tube or shaft mounted with reels, handles, and the cast to lure the fish. Fiberglass rods are the optimal choice for most beginners, offering a lightweight design and just the right amount of suspension for casting and reeling. Rods are commonly used in bass fishing for casting, spinning, and fly fishing.

Basic sport fishing equipment options include:

• Casting rods
• Spinning rods
• Reels with various gear ratios
• Bait casting reels
• Spinning reels

Casting rods are designed for different fishing methods, and various uses. The standard casting rod will vary in length and composition depending on the type of fish and style you are looking for.

Spinning rods are commonly used by bass anglers, and are used by many southern anglers to fish light baits. Light spinning rods are commonly used for small spinners, small crank baits, tubes, and crappie jigs.

Gear ratio is an important factor when selecting the appropriate reel. Anglers that fish exclusively with reels often use 6.2:1 ratios that can help lure and retrieve at just the right rates.

Bait casting reels are usually available in a variety of options, and are moderately priced. Most of the bass reels weigh between 8 and 12 oz, and lighter reels make the whole process much easier. Bait casting involves using reels with a star drag, allowing for less slack and backward directions.

Spinning reels are a common method for casting, fishing, and making use of a spool. Spinning reels come in a variety of weights, and have changeable handles.

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