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Sport Fishing Destinations and Highlights in San Diego

From sport fishing trips and excursions, to whale watching and nature expeditions, San Diego California is a hotspot for all outdoor enthusiasts. The ports of San Diego are brimming with opportunities for sport fishing, offering scenic views and coveted seas for some prime catches. An entire fleet of sport fishing fleets are readily available for finding targeted species. Open party offer group tours and trips, while limited load offerings carry fewer passengers on each round. Whether it’s half day fishing, full day bottom fishing, or a trip to the Coronado Islands, San Diego offers plenty of options for sport fishing enthusiasts of all skill levels.

Sportfishing Trips in San Diego

The coasts of San Diego are offer plenty of spring and summer shores for targeting the species. Sport fishing trips in San Diego can run half and full days in and around the islands, and you can expect to see whale and game fish on the trip. The most popular sport fishing trips in San Diego include:

• Mexican long range fishing
• Half Day fishing
• Three Quarter Day fishing
• Full Day Bottom fishing
• Full Day Coronado Island trips
• Multiday Outer Banks trips
• Full Day Outer Banks trips

The five to six hour trips on the half day fishing rounds are the primetimes for catching targeted species. Point Loma and H&M Landing are the key areas in San Diego for starting most sport fishing trips.

Targeted Species for Sportfishing in San Diego


From the shores on a Mexican long range fishing trip, to a full day at the Coronodo Islands, targeted species for sport fishing in San Diego include:

• White Sea Bass
• Calico Bass Barracuda
• Bonito
• Yellowtail
• Albacore
• Bluefin tuna
• Big Eye Tuna
• Rock Cod

Most species vary by season, and the prime times for catching the majority of the targeted groups occurs in the spring and summer.

About Mexican Long Range Sport fishing in San Diego

A popular San Diego-based sport fishing excursion is the Mexcian long range trip. These multiday trips can range in length from 2 to 21 days, and are generally scheduled throughout the year with short trips in the summer, and longer trips reserved for the winter. The main areas and shores covered include:

• Baja California
• Guadalupe
• San Benitos
• Cedros
• San Martin

The fish are atored below the deck and vessels are launched at various intervals throughout the days and week. All trips make use of special rental prices, and a special Mexican permit is required to operate the boat.

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