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Saltwater Fishing Tackle for Every Occasion

Need saltwater fishing tackle? If you head to your local sporting goods store, you may find that you’ve bitten off more than you can chew—there are literally hundreds of choices. If you want to catch the biggest and heaviest fish, it is important to use the proper saltwater fishing tackle for your specific location and species. Before you buy one of everything, take the time to read about these products!

Terminal saltwater fishing tackle is simply tackle that is tied to the end of a line, which you cast out and wait to lure fish. Items included in terminal saltwater fishing tackle include the swivel, the leader, the weight or sinker, the lure or plug, and, of course, the hook. You need all of these items to successfully catch a saltwater fish. Many fishermen and women catch few or no fish because they’ve made poor tackle choices.

The swivel is a crucial part of your saltwater fishing tackle. Basically, this small metal piece will attach to the end of your line to prevent the bait from twisting your line as it swirls in the water or is jerked by a fish. The barrel swivel is the least expensive, but also does not work well in many situations. The crane swivel is a step up from the barrel swivel, turning more freely. Ball bearing swivels are the most expensive, but also work the best, and snap swivels allow anglers to change lures more quickly. Use the right swivel for your needs.

It is important to consider a leader as well when you are buying saltwater fishing tackle. In most cases, you do not need a leader for freshwater fishing, but for saltwater fishing, when you use a leader, you ensure that the fishes’ sharp mouths or rocks will not cut through the line. Use the proper leader strength for the fish you are trying to catch.

You should also purchase the lure according to the type of fish you are trying to catch. Sometimes, your lure will have the hook attached. Other times, these items will come separately. When looking for a hook, purchase one specifically made of saltwater, since the wire often used for freshwater hooks will not withstand the salt. Also consider the size of the hook carefully. When choosing bait, use what is recommended for your species. This may include metal lures, live lures, or ever chum! Of course, the weight will make you hook sink, so this is an important piece of saltwater fishing tackle.

No matter what you final choices, remember that sometimes you just won’t have a lucky fishing day. If you put thought and care into choosing the perfect saltwater fishing tackle, you should be able to catch the most fish possible.

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