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Salmon Shark Fishing Off Prince William Sound

Salmon shark fishing is one of the highlights of many a sports fisherman’s holiday, allowing them to have all the fun and excitement of landing a shark without needing to go all the way to tropical waters to experience the adventure. Salmon shark fishing in Prince William Sound in Alaska is almost as famous as the salmon fishing in the area, but requires a whole different set of equipment and strategies to land these huge predators of the deep.

About Salmon Sharks

Salmon sharks are actually a variety of sharks that live in the colder waters of the northern part of the Pacific Ocean. They follow the movement of the various types of salmon, moving into shallower coastal waters during the spawning season and then moving again into deeper waters with the young salmon that move into the ocean to mature. Salmon sharks are generally dark gray to black on the top and lighter cream or white colors on the bottom. Salmon sharks will take six to ten years to reach maturity, and will often grow to be in excess of nine feet in length and up to four hundred pounds in weight.

Salmon shark fishing in Alaska is compared to fishing Marlin down in the more southern waters off of Mexico. The salmon shark is a voracious feeder and will hit on almost any type of bait while they are actively feeding on the schools of salmon. Salmon shark fishing is always done from a boat, with proper mounting brackets for heavy rods, reels and tackle. Most anglers report that it can take up to an hour to bring in a salmon shark once it is on the line. They can often be seen jumping out the water or “cartwheeling” as they try to escape from the hook and line.

In most situations salmon shark fishing is for trophy pictures only, often with the sharks being released. Anglers that wish to bring home the sharks need to ensure that the shark is gutted and bled out as soon as possible after being brought out of the water to prevent the meat from spoiling. The meat obtained from salmon shark fishing is not to everyone’s taste, but many cultures, including the Japanese, consider the meat of a salmon shark as well as the liver to be a delicacy.

There are several charter companies that offer salmon shark fishing in various areas off the Alaskan coast with Prince William Sound being the most popular area. If you want to add a bit of excitement to your next northern fishing adventure consider spending a day out salmon shark fishing, you won’t be disappointed.

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