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Portable Ice Fishing Shelters

Undoubtedly the biggest advantage to the many different models and styles of ice fishing shelters on the market today is their ease of collapsing, setting up and moving. In deciding on what type and which options are available with the various types of ice fishing shelters it is important to keep in mind the type of fish you will be after, how long a period of time you wish to fish, and what conditions you can reasonably expect to encounter on the ice.

Many winter fishermen make decisions on ice fishing shelters on one or two factors, but often this can lead to a poor match between what you really need and what you end up with. Some of the questions you need to ask when purchasing one of the many types of portable ice fishing shelters include:

1. How much money is in the budget?

Portable ice fishing shelters can range in price from under a hundred dollar to several hundred. Typically the biggest factor is the type of material that the shelter is made of and the additional features that are included.

2. How long do you typically fish at one time?

If you only play to fish for an hour or two, it is less important to be concerned with long-term heat retention and all the additional comforts. Since most portable ice fishing shelters are designed to act as a wind break and heat trapping system, the less time you are out on the ice the less critical this feature will be. Many simple three sided or drop front shelters are great for those that only need a couple of hours protection and these will be less costly that more complete shelters.

3. How many people with need to use the shelter?


Ice fishing shelters are typically made to comfortably seat one, two or four people, but larger ice fishing shelters are available. Typically the larger the shelter the more they will cost, plus the heavier they will be to pack and move from place to place. Larger shelters will also be harder to heat and to keep warm for extended periods of time. Cramped ice fishing shelters can be both uncomfortable and will make landing and keeping fish difficult.

4. What type of fish are you after?

Some species of fish such as pike will move around the lake very rapidly as they follow the bait fish. Highly mobile and portable shelters such as flip-over tents or three sided shelters are very easy to take down and put up, even in very windy conditions.

In addition it is important to keep in mind that the ice fishing shelters you choose from are durable enough to match the conditions where you fish. On lakes and areas where winter wind is a concern, canvas and very lightweight materials will not strong enough to withstand the cold winds, so choosing a heavier weight canvas and sturdier frame will be a more practical choice.

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