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Oregon Salmon Fishing For King Salmon

While not as well known as many of the other salmon fishing spots in the United States such as Michigan, Washington and Alaska, Oregon salmon fishing offers an amazing virtually year round fishing experience. One of the most known Oregon salmon fishing events is the annual return of King salmon to the area. The south Oregon coast has over one hundred and eighty miles of coastline that is easily fished for huge fall King salmon, many weighing over thirty pounds. It is estimated that approximately 65,000 King salmon will be caught during the Oregon salmon fishing season.

Some of the most popular Oregon salmon fishing hot spots are:

• Rogue River – divided into three sections the Upper, Middle and Lower, the Rogue River is considered a sports fisherman’s delight. The Rogue River is over 200 miles in length and originates from high in the mountains of Crater Lake National Park. The Upper sections of the river provide both salmon and trout fishing, as well as white water rafting, camping and hiking opportunities. The Middle Rogue River section is less rapidly moving water, and provides great opportunities for family rafting and fishing. Fly fishing and spinner fishing is very popular in the deep, rock bottomed ponds and eddies that dot this area of the river. July to October are the key months for Oregon salmon fishing in this part of the river. The lower part of the Rogue River has excellent opportunities for spring and fall King as well as Silver salmon fishing.

• Rogue River Canyon – More known for the amazing white water rafting and the dramatic water movement throughout the canyon than the fishing, it is still a great place to see and experience. There is some fly fishing opportunities at the lower end of the Rogue River Canyon.

• Oregon coast – this is the most frequently fished area in Oregon for King salmon. The coast is home to many different guided tours and charters, but typically the ocean is relatively calm and can easily be fished without the need of a guide, however one is generally recommended for your first few outings. The area of the Chetco River at Bookings Harbor is particularly well known for fall King fishing.

• Gold Beach – this is the area where the Rogue River empties into the coastal waters. King salmon fishing is typically done all year round, with the heaviest runs being in March to July. Fall Chinook or King salmon typically run from August through to October. Silver salmon are also present in the fall from September through October.

One of the great features of Oregon salmon fishing is the populated areas along the coast that are ideal for hotels, accommodations or just to pick up supplies. There are many day camping and long-term camping areas located along the coast for those anglers that want to experience the great outdoors of Oregon.

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