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Make Your Life Easier With An Ice Fishing Sled

While there is typically not a lot of equipment and tackle involved in ice fishing, it is still challenging to try to carry it all onto the lake in just one trip, even with a backpack and tackle box. The answer to your problems is likely in the form of an ice fishing sled that is designed to allow you to pull all your supplies in one easy trip from the vehicle to the lake.

There are a variety of options available for an ice fishing sled, and depending on the needs that you have the various features will be more or less important. There are several ice fishing sled options for people that have lots to move as well as those that just need an easy way to carry their ice auger and equipment. There is even a soft bottom ice fishing sled that rolls up into a easy to carry cylindrical case that can easily be stored in the back seat or trunk of a small car.

Ice fishing sleds may be flat bottomed, using the whole surface area of the sled in contact with the ice, or they may be more traditional runner type sleds. Basically most choices when it comes to choosing an ice fishing sled has to do with the personal preferences of the angler. When considering an ice fishing sled it is important to consider overall size, storage area within the sled as well as how much equipment will need to be moved on the sled.

Some sleds may be customized to have built in storage compartments, either flexible or soft sided bins and containers or solid, heavier storage bins. The more flexible soft sided bins may allow additional storage of odd shaped equipment. In addition the sled should be large enough to allow the bigger pieces of equipment such as the ice auger or tent or shelter. Tackle boxes, bait boxes and even camping stoves can easily be stored on the ice fishing sled for easy transport onto the ice.

By knowing what equipment you wish to transport, as well as considering how you can move the sled itself in your vehicle you will be able to choose the right model to match your needs and requirements. Keeping the bottom of the ice fishing sled or the runners free from scratches and damage, keeping wax on the runners as required as well as keeping snow and moisture off the runners and sled bottom will all help in keeping your ice fishing sled in the best possible condition for years for service.

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