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Lake Michigan Salmon Fishing – Experience The Natural Beauty

When most anglers think about great salmon fishing opportunities they automatically consider the scenic coast of British Columbia, Canada, or the rugged and untamed areas of the coastal waters and rivers of Alaska. However, there are just as many great opportunities in the Lake Michigan salmon fishing season to catch the big fish and have the opportunity to try fishing from either a boat or the shore.

Lake Michigan salmon fishing opportunities from the shore are almost endless with the AuSable River and its tributaries forming literally thousands of spots to fish. The benefit of shore fishing in this area is that there are many deep, quiet waters in the quicker moving streams and channels that are known as “pocketwater” these areas make an excellent spot to fly fish or to fish off the bottom, using a casting and bounce back technique that keeps the spoon or lure close to the bottom, directly in the path of the moving salmon. The Lake Michigan salmon fishing using wade-in fly fishing techniques is ideal for the wider, slower moving areas further up from the mouth of the river. It is important to keep in mind that the stream and river beds will be lined with an assortment of small and large rocks and can be extremely slippery and dangerous, so felt soled waders are a must for safety.

If shore and fly fishing is not your idea of a great way to spend a day, there are a huge number of guides and charters that can take you out on the water for a day of Lake Michigan salmon fishing. Many of the charter services on Lake Michigan offer a full service charter service including equipment, supplies and full meals. Some of the more prestigious charters offer cabins with full amenities on board, whereas others will dock in at pre-set locations for prepared meals, fish cook outs and a chance to see the beautiful areas on the shores of the lake. Most of the captains and tour guides have extensive history of fishing the lake and bringing home trophy sized Coho and Chinook salmon. There are many charters in the Lake Michigan salmon fishing season that operate on the so called “Gold Coast” which is located between Big and Little Sauble Points.

Lake Michigan salmon fishing will continue to grow in important and renown as the anglers seeking a diverse and natural fishing experience without the expense of traveling to either Alaska or Canada. Excellent conservation policies, environmental preservation and no-kill areas of the rivers feeding the lake will ensure the sustained salmon industry on this Great Lake.

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