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Lake Huron Salmon Fishing – Tips for Fishing The Big Water

Lake Huron salmon fishing offers a wide variety of species and seasonal fishing options. Anglers need to be aware of when the best times are to fish for the different types of salmon found in the lake, as well as some of the most effective lures and tackle used in the lake. While various weather conditions will affect Lake Huron salmon fishing strategies and tips there are definitely some aspects of fishing that is related to the species themselves.

Coho Salmon

The Coho, one of the most popular sports fishing species of the Lake Huron salmon fishing season, is an ideal sports fish for either new or experienced anglers. The season is open year round on the lake, with one deep water fishing landing any Coho during winter months. In the early spring and fall the Coho move towards the mouth of the Spanish river or the North Channel, providing excellent opportunities for shallow water fishing. The fish can reach up to twenty pounds at this time, but most will weigh between twelve and fifteen pounds.

When the fish are starting to move from the deep lake waters to the shallower waters by the mouth of the rivers the best option is slow trolling using silver or brightly colored spinners or Rapala lures that look like small bait fish. Some fishermen also use downriggers set at the depth indicated by a fish finder, usually between fifty to twenty foot depths.

Chinook Salmon

Chinook salmon, also known as King salmon, are also popular as a Lake Huron salmon fishing variety. The Chinook salmon is typically larger than the Coho with some weighing in at over to thirty pounds, while most averaging at about twenty pounds.

Chinook, like Coho, tend to follow predictable season patterns which makes choosing when to plan a holiday for Lake Huron salmon fishing relatively easy. There are two different licenses available for salmon fishing on Lake Huron, the conservation licenses that allows 2 fish per day with 2 in possession, or the sports fishing license which allows anglers 5 fish per day with 5 in possession.

Chinook salmon are often fished in the river mouth area where they are waiting for the spring rains to raise the level of the river water so they can move upstream to spawn. Many anglers report that using eggs or egg skein, or rattle baits will cause the salmon to strike on a hook. In addition many Lake Huron salmon fishing enthusiasts report that silver, white and gold spinners and lures as the murky water at the mouth of the river really makes this lures show up in the water.

If you are planning a vacation or trip do enjoy some Lake Huron salmon fishing consider booking one of the many fishing guides that provide fishing tours on the lake, at least for your first trip.

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