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Guided Oscoda Salmon Fishing

Oscoda salmon fishing is an ideal location for those that like the opportunity to fish Lake Huron, plus also fish one of the premier salmon rivers in the United States. The AuSable River provides almost every type of salmon fishing opportunity including calm pocket water fishing and rapid, upstream fishing. The Oscoda area itself offers a great get away for families as well as salmon anglers. The Oscoda salmon fishing in Lake Huron is both deep water and shore fishing, with deeper waters better for winter fishing and the shallow areas around the mouth of the AuSable River better for spring and fall. Since the area is one of the best known salmon and steelhead fishing areas in the United States it is important to plan your trip in advance and book guides and charters in advance, rather than expecting to just book something when you arrive.

The best time for Oscoda salmon fishing is between the months of late August through to the middle of October in most years. In especially warm and early springs or early and cold falls the months for ideal fishing may change somewhat. Tours will usually give advice and information on the various months and fishing dates based on local weather conditions. There are a number of world class fishing tours, guides and companies that can provide all the equipment, fishing opportunities and even arrange for fish to be shipped or mounted for trophy presentation. Typically the charter companies will offer meals, all the bait or equipment needed, free tips and techniques from experienced fishing guides as well as ideas for modifying equipment and improving the performance of tackle.

While fishing from a boat or charter is one of the most popular ways to complete Oscoda salmon fishing, there is also plenty of opportunities to fish from the shore taking advantage of the natural movement of the salmon as the water warms up. Salmon fly fishing is idea from the many beach areas of the lake as well as off the many tributaries of the AuSable River that is within easy walking distance of the lake itself. Fly fishing for salmon has become increasing popular with all anglers, and provides early fishing opportunities in the beginning of the spring and in the late fall.

For family vacations Oscoda salmon fishing trips provide other entertaiment opportunities for family members and kids. Beaches are great for relaxing, golfing is available for a break from fishing, and sailing, boating and just trekking through the amazing scenery in the area is an excellent way to keep family busy and interested while you are out fishing.

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