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Fishing Salmon With Kids

Getting the whole family involved in fishing salmon is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and plan special weekends and vacations that the whole family will enjoy. Salmon fishing, because of the opportunities for shore fishing and using basic techniques such as spinning and jigging, make ideal first fishing trips for kids and first time anglers. In addition fish are fairly active fighters when hooked, so they give kids a lot of excitement and fun when they are being brought to the shore or into the boat.

In order to make fishing salmon as practical as possible when you are fishing with kids, consider the following tips and strategies:

• Know where you are planning to fish and pick a spot that is likely to produce fish quickly. Kids will become bored with a lot of fishing without much action. By picking a great spot that you are familiar with as your first outing you are more likely to get off on the right foot and have the kids land a few salmon in a short period of time.

• Fishing salmon does require the correct equipment, even for kids. The correct hardware of spinners and spoons, a good quality reel and a rod that is both sturdy and long enough to allow kids to cast easily without having the extreme flexibility that is needed in a fly fishing rod. The more rigid the rod is the easier casting will be for kids, an important consideration in fishing salmon either from the shore or a boat.

• Prepare children for what will occur in fishing salmon. They need to know that the fish will fight and try to get away, and may also jump out of the water very close to the boat, even causing splashing and lots of water being sprayed on everyone. This can sometimes frighten kids or make them think that the fish is in pain, so it is important to talk about these things beforehand.

• Finally, make sure that everyone, adults and children alike are using the safest methods for fishing possible. This means life jackets in boats, staying seated in the boat, or standing away from steep slopes or drop-offs when fishing salmon from the shore.

• Review issues with regards to casting, looking behind before the rod is brought back, as well as how to deal with snags and hook-ups with the lines and hooks. Many children pull back very on the line, causing the hook and line to come extremely fast, potentially causing a hazard to children or others in the boat or in surrounding areas of the shore.

Finally, if your kids are interested in fishing salmon, consider entering them in one of the many salmon fishing schools for kids, or even one of the tournaments that are designed for new anglers, many which have specific age categories and divisions to make competition fair and equal for kids.

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