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Fishing For Salmon In Tournaments

Fishing for salmon is a great hobby and source of relaxation for many anglers of all ages in numerous countries, but it can also be a source of competition, pride and even cash prizes through various salmon fishing tournaments. While bass fishing tournaments are by far the most widely known there are local, national and even international tournaments that feature fishing for salmon as the main event are gaining popularity.

Tournament Structure

Typically fishing tournaments will either be amateur or professional in nature, with professionals being designated as having won a specific amount of money within tournament. Many of the tournaments that have fishing for salmon for both amateurs and professionals will also have children’s divisions, first time anglers and special events for female anglers.

Fishing for salmon is both an art and a science, so planning to enter a tournament will often include reading, looking about the fishing area, or reading a bit about the types of lures, rods and reels and tackle that is required to enter the tournament. Most will only allow certain types of hooks, lures or will prevent the use of certain types of scents or baits, depending on the rules of the tournament. It is important to completely read the rules of the tournament and ensure that all the equipment that is being used will not be cause for disqualification.

Tournaments may include fishing for salmon over a period of days or on as a one day event. Some of the salmon fishing tournaments may also be team event, with points being granted on both the number of fish caught as well as the overall weight of the total catch. These team format tourneys are a great way for less experienced anglers to gain experience and tips in competing with more advanced anglers.

There are also special salmon fishing tournaments or sections of a tournament for children of different ages. Typically equipment is supplied in the kids section, and all the anglers provide tips and help to get kids started in the sport.

Fishing For Salmon in Competitions

In order to compete in an salmon fishing tournament the angler must first declare which category or event he or she is competing in. Typically fishing for salmon in tournament will be done from a boat or off the shore, with at least these two different categories. Fishermen and women must agree to follow the rules of the local fishing regulations, and must adhere to any tourney rules or regulations. In tournaments any violation of the rules will result in immediate disqualification. In team events the team must meet the requirements of the rules and regulations as outlined by the tournament judge or committee.

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