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Fishing As A Sport For Thousands of Outdoor Enthusiasts

The community of sport fishing enthusiasts is an ever-growing phenomena, and there are a number of activities, competitions, and events that take place around the world for fishermen of all skill levels. Fishing is a sport for many avid outdoor enthusiasts, and has changed the way people pursue fly fishing, catching and eating fish, and entering competitions.

Sport Fishing Basics

Anglers and fishermen of all skill levels can take part in formal training through sport fishing schools, but many learn the tricks and techniques of the sport through firsthand experience. Group excursions and charter explorations can be an opportunity for learning, and spot fishing basics can be mastered over time. The key building blocks for most sport fishing students and ongoing learners include techniques about:

• Knots
• Wire Twists
• Hooks
• Tackle Maintenance
• Wind-on Leaders
• Crimps
• Splices
• Building Riggs
• Angling techniques
• Learning basic equipment

Seminars, classes, and boat shows are all valuable resources for learning and developing the basic skill set.

Top Sport Fishing Regions of the World

Sport fishing can take place at a number of locations and regions of the world, with the most popular areas in Hawaii, South Florida, Alabama in the U.S., and regions of Costa Rica in South America. Europe and Canada also offer a variety of hotspots.

The Great Lakes region in the U.S. offers a variety of programs, charter boats, and tournaments for millions of fishermen from around the world. Top tournaments sponsored by sport fishing associations and groups include:

• Midwest Sportsman
• Great Lakes Sport Fishing Council
• Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission

In Canada, outdoor adventurers can gather along rivers in British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec. Target fish in this region include rainbow trout, lake trout, northern pike, and muskie.

New Zealand is another popular region for rainbow trout, salmon, and flying fish. Key areas include Taupo, Tongariro, Waimakariri, Whakatane, and Mataura.

The major lakes in the Great Lakes region in clued Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Eerie, Lake Huron, and Lake Ontario.

Game Fishing Resources

In addition to regional and national events, many game fishing and sport fishing associations can help the sport fishing enthusiast enhance their skills and learn more. Valuable game fishing resources include:

• Swordfishing Central for online forums, photo galleries, and information on tournaments
• Florida Fishing Forums for tips, beach reports, diving, and charters
• International Game Fishing Association for the conservation and education of sport fishing

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