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Fatal Attraction: Finding Your Right Saltwater Fishing Lures

Imagine something that attracts you, something that not only gets your attention but draws you to it with an unstoppable force, the saltwater fishing lures! What is it that tempts you? What is it that would not only catch your eye, but your desire, your body, your whole being? What is that cannot stop coming to your mind when I say the word . . . lure? Is it a physical attraction? Is it a sent or familiar smell? Perhaps it is a taste or the specific feel or texture of something? Or maybe, on rare and wonderful occasions it is something so opulent, so spectacular, and so personal and intimate that not only are you lured, but you lure. What am I talking about? Well fishing of course! And not just any kind of fishing, but saltwater fishing. And what is one of the most important things you can have when going saltwater fishing, saltwater fishing lures of course.

There are many parts of fisherman’s gear when he (or she) is heading out to the salty waters. But, one of the most important, as well as personal, is the saltwater fishing lure. A boat may get you to where you want to go. A good rod and reel will help you cast out to where you want to fish, but what you choose to put on the end of that fishing line is what will draw the fish in. It doesn’t matter if you are fishing for saltwater trout, bass or big game, you have to have good saltwater fishing lures. And you have to be smart about the saltwater fishing lures you choose to use.

For instance, you would not use the same kind of lure for saltwater fishing as you would if you where heading out into the local lake, because saltwater fishing is different from lake or river fishing. And depending on if you are fly fishing, or using casting and spinning, your saltwater fishing lures would be different. For instance, you would not use squid bait for bass fishing! You would use squid bait if you were heading out for tuna, sailfish, or Dorado.

If you are unsure of the type of lure to use, go on the internet and do some searches, or stop by your local tackle shop and talk with an expert personally. If you really want to get to know about saltwater fishing lures subscribe to some sporting magazines, check out on line resources like fishing articles, and even charter reports. Or join a local fishermen’s club where you can trade secrets and ideas about the best lures to use. Find out where the best place might be to by some good lures, or even how to make some on our own.

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