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Extraordinary Experience in Canada Fly In Fishing

When most people think of Canada they think of Mounties, boots, red uniforms, and large hats. They imagine the pristine and majestic Niagara Falls. They make note of Ontario and its entertainment, and of course, Canadian hockey. But Canada is more than cold weather and people going over giant falls in wooden barrels. One of the most enjoyable experiences you can have is a Canada fly in fishing adventure.

Canada is the land where your dollar goes far, but you don’t have to. Many people will travel all over the world in search of great fly fishing adventures. To go Canadian fly in fishing is an adventure in your own back yard. It is the best of both worlds. You can experience untapped regions of water, without having to give away a lot time to travel, or money to try and find something so extraordinary. You can find amazing Canadian fly in fishing packages for less than $1,000 for an entire week.

For under a grand you can have a Canada fly in fishing adventure, complete with your own cabin. You can trek the gorgeous countryside and fish the waters for small mouth bass, lake trout, and walleye. You can go wading in the water, exploring a bit. Fish still water, rivers, and lakes or drift fishing. Your Canadian fly in fishing trip will allow you to wrangle salmon, char, trophy and rainbow trout, Dolly Varden, bull trout, and kokanee.

Searching for something unique? When you go fly fishing in Canada, you can fish in lakes that were formed by glaciers from the ice age! Can you image what you might find in water where dinosaurs once roamed?

Fly fishing in Canada offers so many possibilities in its adventures. Catch a hopper plane and take in a fly-in fishing trip. Don’t like hoppers? How about helicopters? You can take a helicopter on a heli-fishing adventure and head out to some of the most remote fly fishing areas an angler can find. If your not much of an air person? No problem, charter a boat, and head on out to a remote fishing lodge. Take a group of friends and make it a trip you will never forget. Take your family and make memories that will last a lifetime. If you think the rugged northern out doors are just for the guys, you would be sadly mistaken. Ladies will enjoy this adventure just as much.

Whether you have been fishing for twenty-five years, a novice to the sport, or never picked up a rod and reel, this fishing trip is for you. In a world of steel cities, hurried lives, and jam packed schedules there is nothing better than stepping into cool Canadian waters, and slowing down long enough to catch some wild wonders on your ideal Canada fly in fishing journey.

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