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Dana Point Sport Fishing

The coasts of California are a prime spot for sport fishing, and Dana Point is an attractive location for sport fishing enthusiasts of all ages, skill levels, and experience. The harbors in Dana Point are home to 2,500 yachts within the marinas, which are equipped with jetskiing options, kayaking, and windsurfing options as well. The popular sportfishing vessels in Dana Point include different boats operated by the Dana Wharf Sportfishing company.

Locations in Dana Point for Sport Fishing

From the Ocean Institute to nearby beaches and piers, Dana Point offers a few different options for sport fishing in the area. These include:

• Salt Creek Beach Park
• Doheny State Beach
• Spirit of Dana Point

Salt Creek Beach Park is a popular surfing spot with plenty of beach facilities, located within a short drive from the Ritz Carlton. Dana Point is the home f Dana Whaf Sportfishing tours, and offers a variety of fun activities for couples, families and groups.

Sportfishing Trips in Dana Point

Sportfishing trips in Dana Point take place throughout the week, and the most common types of fish caught include:

• Bonito
• Bass
• Yellowtail

Many of these catches can be filleted by an on-board expert, and taken home for cooking the same day. Popular boats to join for a half day or day long trip include:

• Dana Pride
• Sum Fun
• Fury
• Sea Horse
• Reel Fun
• Helena
• San Mateo
• Clemente
• Rampage
• Cortez III

Sportfishing vessels are also readily available for larger groups, and specialty sail boats can provide a unique sport fishing experience. The most popular tours and trips in the area include:

• Private whale watching cruises
• Fundraising events
• Burials at sea
• Parties
• Private fishing trips
• Evening coastal cruises

The types of fishing trips include all day fishing excursions that can be up to twelve hours long, along with ¾ day and ½ day fishing trips during the summer and winter months. The 5-hour ½ day fishing trips are the most popular.

Targeted Species for Fishing Trips in Dana Point

The types of fish available on the California coasts offer plenty of challenges and options for all skill levels. Depending on the season, the most common targeted species for sportfishing in Dana Point include:

• Halibut
• Yellowtail
• White Sea Bass
• Barracuda
• Calico Bass
• Tuna
• Sand Bass

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