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Beginning at the Beginning – The Fly Fishing Basics

It doesn’t matter if you are learning to drive a car or paint a house, whenever you attempt to under take a project there are always some basics you have to learn about the task. For instance, when you first learn to drive you need to know how to start a car, what peddle makes it move, and more important, what peddle stops it. If you are going to paint a house, you will want to know that you should not glop your brush up with a lot of paint, or not be too conservative on the amount of paint either. When driving you will want to know how to steer and navigate your car. When painting you will want to know how to make sure you paint evenly, and in the right direction. Techniques, tools, and how to use them to accomplish your goal is always important when taking on a task of any kind. And it is the same way with fly-fishing.

It is easy to get the misconception that fishing is as simple as tying a hook to one end of a shoestring, and a attaching the other end to a stick then dropping it into the water and waiting. It worked for Huck Fin, so it would work for anyone else, right? Well, not exactly. Learning fly-fishing basics are very important. When you begin to understand some of the basics to fly fishing, it will not only help you to simply accomplish catching some fish, but it will give you a foundation to continue to learn on, and will make you a better fisherman over all.

For instance, one fly fishing basic is simply the idea that you are to be imitating the natural pattern of a fly on the water. Perhaps a fly that just landed is jumping from spot to spot, or one that got caught in the movement of the stream. If you just drop your line in with a fly, the fish won’t buy that it’s real and they won’t bite on it. You will not only not catch your fish, but get frustrated with the whole sport simply because you neglected to learn some basics about fly-fishing.

Finding out about fly fishing basics is not a difficult or tedious task. People often avoid doing it because they think it is going to be boring, or difficult or even expensive to get some instruction or help. The truth is that it can be very fun to take a buddy, or hire a guide and head of for a day fun and fly fishing basics 101. If that sounds too expensive or involved, you can get tapes, DVD’s, or how to guides at local camping and tackle shops. And if that isn’t simple or cheap enough for you, you can easily go on the internet and find endless free websites devoted to teaching fly fishing basics. Discover some fly fishing basics and discover a love in fishing that will be life long!

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