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A Different Method: Saltwater Fly Fishing

Most saltwater fishermen and women use a typical spinning reel and tackle to lure fish to bit a hook. However, if you want to use a different approach, why not try saltwater fly fishing. This was once the method only used for catching trout and salmon, freshwater fish, but it is now successfully used to catch a number of ocean species, like snook, tarpon, striped bass, bonefish, and redfish. For some, saltwater fly fishing has become a fun game to try and catch as many different species of fish as possible, both in fresh water and at sea.

As opposed to other fishing methods, with saltwater fly fishing, the angler uses a rhythmic movement of the rod to place the lure in the proper spot. The bait in saltwater fly fishing is known as the fly. Dry flies are meant to signifying insects landing on the water’s surface or flying through the air, while emergers and wet flies actually dip below the surface. Artificial flies can be made with hair, fur, feathers, and even natural materials used to mimic the look for the creature the fish you are trying to catch would eat. Fly tying is an art. Some fishermen and women make their own flies, while others purchase specific brands. Flies can look like anything from larvae to crayfish to worms to crabs. When you are saltwater fly fishing, it is best to know the specific creatures that your hunted species likes to eat.

The methods and patterns of moving the rod vary greatly depending on an angler’s specific school of thought as well as the species they are trying to catch. The line, rod, and reel used are very different than a typical line, rod, and reel used for other forms of fishing, and it is important to use the right tools with saltwater fly fishing. Flies can range in size, so use equipment that matches the size of your specific fly. In most cases, the fly fishing gear will be separated from the typical fishing gear in a sporting goods store. You will also usually find a section of flies solely for saltwater fly fishing, since they will look very different from those used in fresh water.

If you’ve never given saltwater fly fishing a try, it is something you should do at least once in your life. Fishing is a lot of fun and learning the technicalities of saltwater fly fishing can be a challenge. Even if fishing itself is not for you, you can learn to tie flies for the favorite angler in your life.

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