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Fishing: Knowing What Is Recreational and Commercial

Fishing is one of the oldest methods of consumption and survival for human kind. However, with the passage of time, the methods are changed according to the purposes.

In the early era, fishing is done to get food from the water but nowadays fishing can be done not only for consumption purpose but also for fun, competition and sometimes also for research work. Technological developments make fishing easier than early ages however there are so many people who like to catch fishes in the old traditional way. Modern day fishing is broadly categorized into Recreational Fishing and Commercial Fishing.

What is Recreational Fishing?

Recreational fishing is also known as sports fishing and is usually done for fun or game purposes. Despite of the basic method of fishing, recreational fishing differs from commercial fishing in many ways. Recreational fishing is usually done in lighter boats with rods, reels, hooks and baits. Lighter Boats are used in recreational fishing in order not to disturb fresh water fishes but it can also be done from land.

What is Commercial Fishing?


Commercial fishing, if done on large scale, is also called as industrial fishing. Commercial fishing is done to provide sea food for the mass population by fishing trawlers and factory ships. Fishing trawlers are used for commercial fishing while factory ships are used for industrial fishing. Generally, the fishing trawlers are equipped with nets, trawls and pot-traps. Factory ships are large vessels with dynamic on-board facilities of processing and freezing of caught fishes. These factory ships are capable of storing thousands of tons of sea food at a time. Unlike recreational fishing, commercial fishing is a serious and revenue generating career for people. But it is considered as a very dangerous career line with an alarmingly high fatality rate.

The Role of Government

Several non-profit organizations continuously file petition against recreational fishing and as well as commercial fishing to protect other forms of life. Due to which Government put a ready eye on recreational fishing to avoid excessive fishing that can be dangerous for the existence of several marine species. Strict rules and regulations have been made to control recreational fishing to a reasonable extent. Like recreational fishing, commercial fishing is also subject to the intervention of Government. Government makes quotas, treaties and laws to control the consumption of sea food or otherwise they will be extinct from the world altogether.

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